Friday, December 10, 2010

Political leaders are also becoming Agile and started Scrums in their missions

Started from American football and then Cricket, and even massively accepted by IT industry, now Agile practices are going into politics as well.

Manpreet Badal from Punjab (Ex-Finance minister), and educated intelligent politician, is in his 'Jago Punjab Yatra' to open eyes of public in state about what ruling party is doing behind the screen for their personal benefits with the hard earned money from public funds. He is also trying to make people aware how to reduce state's debt, and take the state to its next level of success again.

As part of his yatra, Manpreet Badal has also started NUKKAR MEETINGS wherein people will come together and share their views about how to make the yatra more effective. Such practice, is being regularly followed in project sprints (under Agile methodology) which is called SCRUM or DAILY STANDUPs, where all the team members stand together at a common place and address 2-3 basic standard questions to plan their day or short term achievement plans, which in the end turn to a bigger collective achievement.

Daily Questions (everyone speaks for his/her activities):
1. What were my tasks yesterday, and what are their current statuses? How much of the assigned workload is remaining, if it is? Any challenge to accomplish the same?
2. What are my tasks today? Is there any challenge/roadblock to complete it? If yes, other team members discuss it to address it immediately or ASAP.

This practice has been globally accepted by the sport teams and they have had opened their success rates by multi-unfolds.

Great job, Manpreet Badal. Good luck to you and your team for success of 'Jago Punjab Yatra' project.

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