Saturday, October 18, 2008

Products v/s Projects v/s Services - Truth behind the wall

The most common discussions in service based industries that working for product based companies are always better, people used to learn a lot from the repetition of processes, and career is consistent too. Products people say, life is a lemon lets try projects based company to face new and new challenges every day. Another available vertical is service-based industry, people are willing to sell themselves and get paid for any work done for clients. There is a lot of opportunity to on-site at USA, Canada, Australia and Europe locations.

Is that true? "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence."

Of course working on products definitely give exposure to domain and with time person becomes expert in the technology and industry of his/her area. It gives focus on single industry, chance to work with end users, and a lot of uniform practices which helps in personal development also. The same product when outsourced for development to other company, becomes project. What makes the difference? My work/Your work!!!

Google G1 - A success of open source!

Apple iPhone changed the way mobile was being used until last year. Of course leaders always play a great role to keep people busy thinking about them, according to them. Steve Jobs' strategy always work to make people act on his terms. This is the way Apple works and expand.

Another hit to industry by Google this year - Google G1, in collaboration with HTC. Thumbs-up to Android team and open source community, who collectively made it possible to give second revolutionary mobile phone to world and first ever open source mobile platform. Google's approach is entirely opposite from Apple, they always let people use their products the way they want to use, and same for G1 also. The platform is open source, hence you don't need to bother about AppStore like dependency for development. High-end touch responsiveness of G1 makes it pleasure to use handheld, and full size keyboard is an example of perfect typing practices than a virtual reality. G1 is a multitasking environment, and leads iPhone by giving ability to run multiple apps at the same time.

In 1991, Linus Torvalds gave the world's best operating system "Linux" with open source model, and today G1 is a second milestone in the history of open source success.

I have been a Linux user for over 5 years and always fond of experimenting new things in the platform until I bought my first Mac in August 2006 and then iPhone in December 2007. Now with the unsure news of Google G1 availability in India from December 2008, I am again curious to go back into Linux world by replacing my mobile gadget first. I hope to look forward using it soon, and post more about the first revolutionary phone on Linux OS.

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