Saturday, November 1, 2008

Managing relationships at work!

I am not very good at starting line of any article, but just wanted to share something very useful with you guys. I am talking about office environment, where people spend major part of their lives to feed their families and for career growth. People come & join the company, spend a couple of years and start looking for next opportunity in search of next level, switch over and same cycle continuous again and again in search of stability.

I read somewhere, "Persons never leave the company, but the manager". Well, I think I agree with this.

Maintaining the good relationship with co-workers is very important. This way you can achieve a very high level trust with them. Once the level of trust will be achieved, believe me you will never be convinced to leave them and vice verse. Companies grow with the senior people and with the long term workers. This is possible only by having perfect relationship and synchronization between co-workers.

Relationship is significant in various factors:

How people see you?
Negotiate and set clear goals. Everyone should be aware of the parameters of relationship and you remain clear and direct.

Seeing others point of view
This is a key communication skill, you should be open to think about other parties' perspective also.

Ganging others' expectations
It's easy to assume what other people want without checking it. But later when things are communicated and delivered, not always gone well. Don't make assumptions, its dangerous most of times. Be straight in asking, make transparent relationship.

Initiate solutions as soon as problems come
Don't wait after you come across with any problem, they will never get disappeared until you work on it. Make a note so you won't repeat it again.

Give more than expectations
Even by a single penny but always try to deliver more than you are asked for. It will help you make a perfect goodwill in your organization.

Keep developing communication skills
Be a good listener. Be a good speaker. Develop negotiation skills during conflicts. Be a better judge, when to say 'yes' or 'no'?

Relationships matter everywhere in your personal or professional life. I believe that good relationships at work is important to stay happy. This can get you they key to success!

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