Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life was much easier when Apple and BlackBerry were just the fruits

Most of my friends are now using iPhone or BlackBerry, or both like me. Though its much better to stay connected with my buddies than on computers, as it gives me facility to remain on social sites all the times. Almost every hour I go to my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog etc. pages to see their activities, post my comments, answer their questions, or just for the sake of passing my time. I can't help avoiding this when things are already on my hands, when I'm already very much concerned about one's privacy and information shared on public social networking sites.

Let us go 15 years back (in 90s), when we were used to be booking long distance telephone calls with our area telephone department and wait for a call back when the line is connected with other party across borders... also when we send an air mail postage which takes about 10-12 days to reach at addressee and other same number of days to receive the reply. Whatever, but it involved a great excitement in its own phenomena. Sometimes we even kissed the letter envelope before opening it. Isn't? Life was much more smooth than today. When friends were used to be meeting after a while and they has had a lot of things to discuss and that instance of remembering things was a lot more excited than now a days when we share our points in fraction of seconds thru mobile and get others' response within minutes which makes us happy.

Now a days we have lost those values of friends and families, and trying to explore new ways to get entertained, as we don't carry any backlog to discuss with our friends at the next meeting. We are just empty minds, we are getting habitual to forget things more often as we are much more dependent on these gadgets to remind the things on our behalf. We try to do 5 things at a time, address multiple relationships at a time, honor many friends thru a single media without waiting for the right time, thinking about work while driving on the highway, and endless items we do just because now we don't have memories to think about but only stress of work and life.

On lovely occasions like marriage anniversaries or birthdays, we send e-cards to our friends wishing them a good time, sometimes just a micro-message thru SMS, Comment on social sites and thats it. No matter of the recipient of the wish has confirmed reading it same day or not? We are losing time to call them when they are away from us. I can now continue writing this article for another week time regularly or so, as I miss my all those friends I enjoyed my early time with, whom I'm not so regular to be in touch.

I want to leave these smartphones and thinking to get back to my old life again, but I'd be odd man out due to the dependencies we all have brought on us. I'll be neglected person from society by giving title like an outdated person :) but I still say life was much more easier and better without mobile phones.

Thanks everyone!

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