Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do you want to keep your scores saved intelligently?

Did you ever play games such as dice, cards etc. at home during leisure, vacations, travel or when on picnic? and have used paper/pen to keep scores to find out winner/loser? That was a nice time, hmm?

Anyway I'm here to update you if you have iPhone or iPod touch, you have a great utility now for you to keep scoring and scores kept electronically at your hand. The name is 'hiScore', a very nicely programmed application owned by a USA based firm called "Touch In Go". You can set targets, winner/loser policy, manage player names to store in local db until you delete them, nice sounds upon different interesting events etc.

Touch In Go is promoting the app and distributing for FREE to early users. I just got a promo code to buy this app from store for no price, and you can also do the same until their quote finishes. You may reach them at, showing intent to review their work.

After started using this app on my iPhone now, I can save my scores at single place and always in my pocket so chances for more games too ;-)

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