Thursday, July 22, 2010

Preparing for an agiled milestone

It has been over 4 years of thinking and 2 years of working on my dream software, and today I am preparing to unveil my work to my mates with whom I've been talking about it often. My friends at work are supporting me in a way or other for making it  a success, who know about this. The judgement day is not so far away but I'm excited with that. I took it as a challenge against the odds, and that includes hundreds of sleepless nights, restless weekends and numerous failures, and finally now I'm in good shape. Not me, but my work ;-)

However, I'm not sure, if it'll catch the attention of audience? I have a strong feeling to keep going miles after miles before I sleep. I love being Agile so my work is also around it.

More to be posted in coming days, as and when the progress happens in that direction.

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