Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First week with Google G1 - Another technical year started.. Lets see!

Navi showing Google G1Finally last Friday, my long waited G1 phone was delivered to my home in India. I have been looking for a Linux driven handheld to own, so now I have it and that too is from global technology leaders; Google, HTC, T-Mobile and first open source mobile platform "Android", collectively called "Google G1".

I am mad on experimenting latest technology matters with a tendency of not believing what people are saying about anything? I can't come to any conclusion until I use my hands on testing anything personally. I owned Apple iPhone for over a year and found too many good things about it during the time. I still love it, may be I still like iPhone the more! Anyway, Google G1 have recovered some of the drawbacks from world's most wanted and first revolutionary device "iPhone" to become an equally good or better option in the cellphones market.

I won't compare it with iPhone coz I love both and I want to use both. (iPhone was forcefully acquired by Aman, my wife... hnfff)

Below are my 10 comments about G1:

1) I use Gmail a lot, and I can enjoy by using one of the key features of it now by adding signature to my mails, "Sent wirelessly from my Google G1" :D
2) Since I bought G1, I moved my contacts list from my MacBook Pro to Google contacts for sync to my phone purpose, and I got another indirect advantage that I am keeping my contacts repository on web hence I can access it from anywhere. Good change for sure.
3) Slider keyboard doesn't give it a very good shape, but still good for many to use full QWERTY keyboard.
4) Flexibility on battery and SD card replacements. I love to keep a lot of songs and movies in the phone to get entertained while on the move.
5) Screen lock pattern is a very pure and unique concept implemented in G1.
6) Though I don't use it very much but SMS forwarding, copy/cut/paste text etc. like features are available.
7) Consolidated status bar on the top of screen is awesome, and keeps rotating info until we touch them. Nice feature so I dont' forget anything.
8) GTalk is happening - Coool.
9) I can use it as a flash drive thru USB, truely a big advantage.
10) There are still plenty of surprises to keep you entertained.

I will keep posting more as I'll be exploring new and new things this cute gadget. Let's keep building good features for this. My next plan to build a test app for android and run it on my device, lets see how it goes?

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