Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome iPhone 4

First email of today morning about introduction of iPhone 4 by Apple. It was unveiled yesterday at WWDC 2010 keynote by Steve Jobs. Good to see about another gadget of the year.

Some of the new things in this version, since last 3G/3GS release:

  1. iPhone OS name is changed to iOS - Now its in-use of iPad as well, they can use common name now.
  2. Multi-tasking - The long waited feature in this device. I can now use Skype the more while Facebook'ing.
  3. Front camera for video calls --- sounds interesting.
  4. Snapping pictures at 5mp and Video recording at High Definition level. LED flash is an additional plus on board which works dynamically with both the camera uses.
  5. All new look with improved glass quality, and steel boundary around.
  6. Other than that Apple made small change in almost everything inside it.
Here you go with official page...

I've opted-in for 'Notify Me' first thing after I read the intro mail, will try to grab one to India, and to unlock it, for using here with my mobile carrier.

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