Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Featured on Silicon India Magazine with the Cover Story

Featured on SiliconIndia Magazine cover.
Key points during my conversation:
The upcoming leaders should remain aware of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity). In the past few years, the market dynamics are changing rapidly. Before you even know it, you have a product to compete with. And while you are preparing to compete with that. by the time, there is another product launched in the market and you have to now compete with two. Startups have been challenging big giant corporations with tough competition faster than ever. So organizations should really be prepared to stay abreast of the market but shouldn’t focus on the competition. Further, one needs to align business programs and individuals’ goals with customer and employee experience outcomes. Working on the employee experience is very critical as they would be the ones who will ensure a fruitful customer experience. Also, organizations must equip their employees with robust tools / technologies and train them well so they can serve the brand’s promised customer experience.
Irrespective of industry vertical, customers are constant. As per a credible report, “86 percent of customers surveyed were willing to switch brands or companies because of a bad service experience.” Hence, offering a good customer experience across every front of operations would define the customer's perception about any given brand, wherein, customers are ready to leave the business deal or relationship due to one bad experience.
The total exports of software including services delivered by foreign affiliates of Indian companies increased by almost 16 percent in the financial year 2022. This stood at about 172 billion US dollars. The United States and Canada were the top destinations for software exports with 55 percent share. India has proven its capability as a technical leader across the globe.
Yeah. With this, there are tremendous opportunities in India to grow in the MarTech space.
MarTech industry is big and it'll continue to grow. There's a potential gap in this segment which can boost Indian software/services exports economy to a larger scale if covered with 'Creativity' skill. Here, creativity does not mean a good decision, but it is rather the competency of an individual / company to integrate the right technology stack and orchestrate it in the best possible way to bring the needed efficiency and productivity to obtain optimum business outcome.

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