Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Boost your “Digital” CX by bridging the gap between AI and EQ

The modern era of technology and computerization has made us neglect the human intellect and emotions. AI is evolving – and seemingly unchecked. Its supporters highlight promising advancements in customer service, data processing, and decision-making.

On the other hand, detractors are quick to point out the wide-ranging effects of job loss and the concern that eventually, machines will make human abilities unnecessary. AI has now become an unavoidable advancement. AI supporters promise advancements in customer service, data processing, and decision-making. Contrarily, critics are focusing on the bigger impacts of technological advancement, worrying about the fact that AI is going to make human abilities obsolete over the next decade.

Merging AI and EQ for Experiences People Want Next

Future businessmen can take great advantage of EQ by merging it with AI to enhance the customer experience and increase their profit margins. Some ways of doing so are:

  1. Accepting the use of AI and appreciating it
  2. Identifying your current EQ position is important
  3. Investing in EQ learning programs along with AI applications
  4. Adding emotional intelligence (EQ) to AI tools and technologies

Businesses that use both AI and EQ tend to be the most successful in the world. AI and EQ coexisting together are the two “superpowers” of the present and future business world. The development of AI tools has taken a lot of human time and energy. Therefore, today we must spare some time to realise how much pressure AI is putting on us to develop much greater emotional intelligence in order to not be replaced by it. We need it for the accomplishment of both our personal and professional goals.


Published on CXM.co.uk.

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