Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Long time

It's been really long time I'm missing you guys. I've not been writing for a while now, just been busy in developing my project management software. I'll share more about my development with you very soon. For now, I just wanted to tell you I'm having sleepless nights, restless weekends and almost no partying to make it happen.

"Miles to go before I sleep..."

As an intro, I must give you a brief about what I'm developing... It's a web based application to collaborate and manage projects online. The tool would serve as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and would help organizations to centralize their project and test assets. This is an implementation of Agile practices and test driven/iterative development model. Target audience is planner/manager, developer, tester and of course their customers too to collaborate on a single platform, help each other with their roles to make the project complete. After all, "Project is considered finished only when it starts working for you, not you for it.", and that's what everybody wants in the group to have win-win situation.

In other words, I've put in modules like; releases, sprints, requirements(user stories), tasks, test cases, defects, discussions, documents, and other interesting flows to make users happy. Reports are going to be a great implementation for managers' help in next few days, I'm currently in that well construction.

Also to tell you, my wife is looking after all the business part of it since I don't have my time remaining to do that stuff after my regular full time job and then app development at home. She can do it with her past learnings of similar jobs, and availability of time is the main thing. I'm good at development, so I'm happy doing that alone, but at the end of day it's a team work, so we do discuss strategies together at home, while driving and whenever we can do it.

It's not an easy job we both are doing with our regular jobs, but we shouldn't regret at least that we haven't given a try to address the industry need what I had found over 2 years back. We're showing it to some industry leaders and they are liking it too, but with massive suggestions to cover the existing gaps compared to other similar tools in market. That's really helping me to spend more half-hours during the night, if not hours :)

I'll keep posting more on this, whenever I can... In case you want to know more about my product with an intention to review it to give me your valuable feedback, or even use latest beta version for FREE to manage your projects (you'll definitely like that, I bet), please feel free to buzz me at: ns at inavdeep dot com.

Thank you!

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