Monday, October 20, 2008

Wife of a software professional

Life of a software professional is extremely busy throughout the career. Guys work full day and overnight for better future. I used to say a line whenever some technology discussion happens, "To retain the same position, you need to run extremely fast."

An yearly routine of working hard becomes a habit of people like us, and it becomes punishment for the wife. Since when I married (November 27th, 2008), I hardly sit with my wife any evening after my work until I sleep. She never complains me about the same. Even when I don't work, I sit on computer for browsing new technology innovations, reading news on Apple, Google, Linux etc... definitely no sick Microsoft. I do PHP and Cocoa programming even if I don't have to read anything.

My wife, Aman, is very sweet, caring and understanding with me on my routine, I always realize that I should give her time, but I am unable to help myself because of my this (bad?) habit. I and Aman, now are blessed with a lovely son, named Nishkaran, so she have a reason for keeping her busy when I am not with her.

Dr. Stephen Reiss, one of my friends and a world traveler, given me a suggestion that taking one year leave after 10 years of hard work is a lot better than 1 day off every week.

I figured the same story plays at each software person's home. For better income than other industries, software people become more money oriented and raised their dreams to buy the world one day, so they have to leave the good times with family.

I am definitely trying to become a better husband day after day until I can take her to the year long holiday tour.

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