Sunday, October 19, 2008

Social Networking - A death of Privacy

We can very easily find a person on the internet now. Every single person who knows to operate computers, is a member of any one of popular social networking websites; such as,,,, and hundreds of more.

I lost my some of friends over a decade back after my college, and recently I caught them on one of social network platform and it took me to the alert mode that I am traceable by the persons even whom I don't know. I can easily see who is talking to whom? doing what? his whereabouts etc. In last 10 years, society phenomena is entirely changed. Everything is 'e' now; e-commerce, e-mail, e-banking, e-talk, e-dating, e-work etc. I am worried technology is growing every hour (day-by-day phrase is outdated now), where it will be after 10 years?

Well, this is an endless debate, we just can't stop major players fighting technology battle, and launching such platforms to capture majority of users. We have no other option than to register with their system to find out best-to-use platform and upload our information for others to view and capture.

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