Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Are Pseudo Metrics Taking Over and Driving CX Strategies?

Tying metrics to system strategy is a loophole in your organisational architecture. The perils of blindly using it can result not only in unaligned digital experiences, but also damage your brand loyalty.

Simply put, metrics are the building blocks to design your strategy. But, across almost every organisation today, numbers are ruthlessly devising strategies. This has resulted in business leaders and C-suite executives losing sight of their company’s vision. Instead, they focus rigorously on the metrics that are only meant to represent it.

What are pseudo metrics?

Let’s take an example to know what pseudo metrics really are. Think about YouTube video views. Ever wondered how a YouTuber has only ~200 subscribers and got ~1 million views in a fairly short period? Say, within a day of video launch? This happens a lot using virtual viewers, and not organic targeted audience. This is pseudo metrics.

In other words, when you don’t have clear correlation of investment, results (metrics), and actual business outcome (impact on customers), know that you are looking at pseudo metrics. That video might have got only ~100 real organic views. Be aware of pseudo metrics as it does play in all levels of businesses.

How CX should be measured

  1. Use CPIs (focusing on outcomes)
  2. Aligning KPIs to CX strategy
  3. Map your customer’s journey

Effective digital experiences foster invariably when measurement gets smarter, faster, and more workable. This poses a challenge for business leaders to be more strategic and sophisticated in their use of metrics. The focus should be on defining metrics and KPIs that show you patterns, correlation to the reality, and inspire strategic success. Legacy leadership has a cultural bias that overrules the customer intent and focuses on data-driven metrics.

Published on CXM.co.uk.

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