Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Panel speaker at Digital Confex conference - Beyond Digital

Conference: Beyond Digital
Date: August 30-31 5, 2022

Topic: Transformation of Digital Landscape - Focus on Your AudienceSocial Media and transformation of the digital marketing landscape. 

  • LinkedIn and the transformation, with regards to the B2B marketing. 
  • Achieve consistency in the delivery of customer experience in both offline and online channels, putting O2O in perspective. 
  • Personalization & targeting drives stronger engagement & a higher ROI. 
  • Cookieless future.
  • Voice of the Customer & the digital Customer experience strategy.
  • Voice & personality for optimal customer experience across their marketing channels and touch-points.

Other Panel Speakers:
  • Song Ju Stephanie, Area Director Digital Marketing, Loyalty & Partnership, Accor 
  • Roberta Canetti, Director Social Media, One Nest Italia 
  • Jasylin Qiyu, Head of Client, Digital Channels and Content Marketing, Citibank Singapore 
  • Amrita Lal, Senior Client Solutions Manager, LinkedIn 
  • Seyla Fontao, Digital Marketing and eCommerce Lead Manager, Mattel

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