Saturday, March 12, 2022

Change doesn’t change itself.

10 years is quite a break. A lot have changed in the meantime. 

  • Aged another 10 years
  • Upgraded to iPhone 13 Pro, writing this on it, previous post was from iPhone 4S, long time
  • Earned 13 more professional certifications; some are really tough ones, trust me
  • Changed job twice
  • Bought a house, sold that, and bought another one
  • Faced a layoff and then got retained also within same company for the same role, such things exist
  • Blessed with the second child, and he has a website -
  • Lost 52 lbs and gained back 26 of it, lol
  • Have a pet now, a chocolate labrador
  • Got Covid vaccine, both
  • Started trading in stocks, crypto, and heavily on crypto
  • Written for reputed publishers and professional communities online, and still writing

A thing that hasn’t changed is, my curiosity!

These days, I’m curious about customer digital experience. I’m always exploring various ways to learn B2B users' behavior online and how to captivate them for business benefit? They say, “Obsession is not good”. It’s quite opposite when we are talking about customers. Amazon is based on customer-obsessed culture. Steve Jobs preached customer-centric business model. I’m obsessed with customer experience and changing the way how business is done on digital interfaces.

Wait, wait, wait, I welcome back myself to writing!

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