Monday, July 30, 2012

Got my iPhone factory unlocked for free from Maypalo!

Maypalo, a blog, is becoming popular faster than Ferrari. They came up with a free factory unlocking give-away contests on Facebook and exceeded public's expectations on given promises by delivering fair results.

Fortunately I was among 3 winners from first contest concluded on 7/23, and they helped me getting my iPhone 4 factory unlocked next day through their partner (, which was a great experience dealing with them. 

The second contest was even lot more interesting and kept people busy all 5 days to win it. It was a race to get maximum likes on contestant's comments given on Maypalo's fb fan page. The comment should say the reason to get their iPhone unlocked. My friend participated and missed it by one position, as like the first contest, second one also to give-away this free service to 3 winners and my friend was at 4th ranking in terms of likes ranking. I wish her better luck next time.

Moreover, I also look forward to participate in their more give-away contests and get my iPhone 4S also done factory unlocked since OS6 is coming this fall, and we should be ready for that beforetime, provided they allow already winners to participate in their future contests.

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