Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Desktop giant Microsoft acquired internet voice communication king Skype

Today on 10-May-2011, Microsoft and Skype announced an agreement according to which Microsoft will buy and acquire Skype for $8.5 millions. Google was the second and only bidder in buying Skype, but latter quits before discussing money matters.

Microsoft has been proven a desktop giant with its' smashing tool MS-Office and WindowsOS, with a few other enterprise products, where Skype is having entirely a different business line of internet communication. This is really an interesting acquisition to see if Microsoft can take Skype's vision to the next level, or Skype will become a paid service like any other service being offered by the desktop giant.

Earlier there has been rumors that Apple is showing intent to acquire and Skype, that too will be a killer acquisition for the free users community of Skype. It has 663 million total users, most of whom are active chatters over callers. Microsoft is planning to raise funding on this name thru IPO this year, per Bloomberg.

It appears to me that Microsoft is now trying to give competition, by integrating Skype services with Windows Mobile and Desktop applications, against Apple's FaceTime and Google's GTalk.

Still, it seems to be an interesting move to watch how, and where, two different lines meet their business visions and change the market trends and user habits.

Official page: http://www.microsoft.com/Presspass/press/2011/may11/05-10CorpNewsPR.mspx

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