Monday, April 12, 2010

GPS and Mobile Ads - Revolutionary Change

Honestly, I have been involved in some online video ads project for over a couple of years and have understood how complex and logically advertisers reach to their customers for showcasing their brand. That's about video ads in websites; for fixed location client-wise. Ads delivery to mobile users is another revolutionary change in the industry. iAd versus AdMob will show us many new concepts here.

Suppose, I'm in a town of popular Indian/Regional food, and my iPhone shows me specialty food of place, and advertisers track that ad delivery, and later confirmed if I visited his restaurant really, so he can evaluate his ROI. Interesting? Yes, this is going to happen in near future in mobility ads. Apple will track users' movements, and will deliver ads according to his location. Yes it's cool. I may be less interested to see ads selling website hosting plan, but special places there, when I'm in Switzerland for a 7 days vacation (Ah! I wish so... ;-)).

Social sites can also track friends' locations, and prompt them if they are geographically around. Awesome!

At same time, I'm also sure about Google will be thinking something more interested, being a giant in the industry, but that's definitely a good start, and lastly good for consumers. They'll at least be looking at ads now.

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