Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008

Overall 2008 was a good year for me. Few good moments, bad moments... a blend of all times like all my past years. Let me share some of my memorable times of 2008 with all you guys:

Best of months

January: I got a success to unlock my iPhone fw-1.1.2 after a rigorous effort of 1 month.

February: For the first time in my career, I found myself interested in something called SDLC, which was ever been a boring topic for me when I was studying, doing training projects and even in my jobs. Better late than never, it's a good start too.

March: It happens every year... my birthday on Mar 11 :) unless any thing else can be better?

April: I should definitely write this here, eventhough the incident is not rare but very common in everyone's life. I found a currency note of just Rs. 10 (Indian rupee) from one of my 2+ yrs old unused jeans. It made me reminded my college days when in 10 rupees I was spending 3-4 hours in canteen with my friends (Avtar, Rakesh, Imran and Paramjeet). Definitely that was one of the best times in my life, so this entry is here. Thanks to my friends for being mine.

May-August: I think I should maintain the monthly logs of my life, so I will have data to write everywhere.

September: WOW, I have 2 good things to write for this month:
1) Celebrated my Nishi's (my son) 2nd birthday. Pictures are here:
2) My internet friend 'Steve' from CO/USA visited us with his life mate and we spent almost a full month together, the program of his visit was made 2 yrs back in 2006.

October: I started my own blog, which was definitely one of my very old desires to launch and update it regularly.

November: It happens every year... my wedding anniversary on Nov 27 :) and nothing can be better than this.

December: I received my Google G1 (first android driven phone), and exploring it now to build a test app of RSS feeds reading. I'll keep you updated.

Worst of months

January: My father got suffered with an extreme skin infection over half of the face, and we went thru the tough time for the treatment. He is still recovering since then.

February: I would like to keep it undisclosed coz I have something which I can't share but that's the worst thing happened in the month of February

March: I couldn't celebrate my birthday on Mar 11 coz I got late to reach back home due to some official party, and found my son was sleeping. No problem, there is always a next time, so hopefully next year's this month entry will be saying good time, yeh!

April: I had to stop with a business plan (I was trying to work in my career) due to failure in my timely availability. I regained the confidence in the month of September to proceed.

May: I was going to my home town "Amritsar" by my car and suddenly a dog came on the highway by running fast to cross the road and we got the clash. It happened all of a sudden and my car was so fast I couldn't even look back what had happened with the guy? I was alone and got so confused after the hit, I couldn't even think to stop my car for checking the situation. I don't know what had happened to the dog, I wish he was alive coz there were no serious marks on the car, I checked later.

June-October: It seems I am lucky I don't have anything to write for these months :)

November: Worst news of this month was about terrorists attack in Mumbai, Financial capital of India. It made me really sad to see our insecurity of life.

December: I could not deliver the presentation of an app, I am building using open source technologies to implement Agile practices. I will share it with you shortly, keep an eye open for this... umm!

See you in 2009!

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